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Rocket Pool

Eth2 Staking with only 16 ETH


Prater Testnet

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Rocket pool features

Tokenised Staking

A token which represents a staking deposit + rewards it gains overtime in the Rocket Pool network. Can be used just about anywhere.

Smart Contracts

All contracts in Rocket Pool are open source and have been built using a design methodology that allows them to be easily & seamlessly upgraded.

Smart Nodes

With our custom node software, any user/business/group can run a node in our network, stake their own ETH for free and generate a higher PoS return.

Minimised Deposit Risk

Any losses that occur from bad nodes for stakers who deposit ETH are socialised across the whole network to minimise impacts on any single user.


Network redundancy and decentralisation are key pillars of the Rocket Pool network. Any potential issues and their effects are minimised using this technique.


Rocket Pool was originally designed in late 2016 using the Mauve Paper which was released by Vitalik.

Rocket pool STATUS



No limits for number of minipools on Mainnet.


16 ETH

and 101+ RPL

Total RPL Staked

7,634,561 RPL

Pending Minipools


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No limits for number of minipools on Mainnet.

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Rocket Pool

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Non Custodial Platform

Institutional Grade Service

Multi Level Key Protection

Uninterrupted Node Uptime

Perfect Track Record

User Trusted

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What is Rocket Pool minipool?

In a nutshell, Rocket Pool is a decentralised and permissionless, smart contract based, Ethereum 2.0 staking protocol.

You can stake as low as 16 ETH (not 32 ETH) as a node operator in the protocol, earn rewards on your stake, plus earn commissions and RPL rewards from the network, generating a higher ROI by staking in the protocol vs staking outside of it as a solo node operator (traditional way of staking)

How is it possible to stake with 16 ETH? It’s supposed to be 32 ETH!

Why do I have to use Allnodes Rocket Pool solution and not something else?

Still, why do I need to use Rocket pool in general? Why not use the old way Ethereum staking?

In general, what commission is possible with Rocket Pool?

What are RPL Tokens, and why do I need them?

How many RPL tokens do I need to stake to run Ethereum 2.0 node?

Where do I get RPL tokens?

What is Minipool?

What if I want to see how Rocket Pool works? Can I try it?

I still don’t understand Allnodes and Rocket Pool. Where do I get more info?

I want to start earning rewards, but I have a specific question about Rocket Pool. Can I speak to someone?