About us

Allnodes is a platform, that provides non-custodial Staking and Masternodes services. It allows you to Stake coins or host Masternode in a few clicks, monitoring rewards, statuses and other useful information.

Allnodes prioritizes above everything else the User Experience and Simplicity of Using the platform. We are highly interested in the proliferation and mass adoption of the crypto industry as a whole and the Staking & Masternodes sections of it in particular.

Therefore, we use Digital Ocean’s servers to deliver a truly seamless and enjoyable experience without uptime interruption. Digital Ocean is one of the most reliable VPS hosting providers on the market, which guarantees 99.99% SLA. We do our best to abstain from hosting in countries with cumbersome legislation to avoid any unforeseen roadblocks.

We are also working closely with all major cryptocurrencies to ensure both regular client updates and bringing our users the quality of life features across the board. This approach allows us to deliver a prime customer experience through close collaborations with many big coins.

  • Dedicated regional servers in Canada, Europe and Asia.
  • $65M+ of total hosted Masternodes value
  • 5000+ total number of hosted Masternodes
  • 17 major supported cryptocurrencies and more to come

Our distinctive features

  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Intuitive UI and convenient payment methods
  • Simplicity, reliability, privacy
  • Practically instant hosting. You only need 1 minute to start hosting a Masternode.
  • Coins always stay in your wallet. Only your wallet’s address is required.
  • Official Telegram and Discord bots. Keep check of your stats on the go!
  • Free monitoring for everyone, even for nodes hosted on your own VPS. Check your stats in one place!

Our core values

Never let the user down: In the industry where customer experience is seldom taken for granted, we aim to set a higher standard for everyone. With us, you can be sure to have your every concern addressed quickly and efficiently.

Privacy is mandatory: We respect and value user’s right to anonymity and privacy above anything else. This is why we do not come in contact with any of your personal data at all. All private and sensitive information stays out of our reach, eliminating any possible leaks to third parties from our side.

Building bridges: Connecting and working closely with our partners is extremely important for our growth model. This serves to expand our scale and solidify our place in the industry, as well as our partners. We firmly believe that the only way for the crypto industry to reach mass adoption is if we all work together as a united and well oiled machine.