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Allnodes is a platform, which provides non-custodial Staking and Masternodes services and allows you to Stake coins or host Masternode in a few clicks, monitor rewards, statuses and other useful information.
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Supported Currencies

Capitalization: $925,088,665
Masternodes online: 4623
Required: 1000 DASH
Price: $99,625.85
ROI (annual): 6.75%
Monthly income: $560.18 Coin
Capitalization: $603,559,429
Council Nodes online: 104
Required: 500,000 CRO
Price: $22,860.52
ROI (annual): 14%
Monthly income: $266.74
Capitalization: $344,831,948
Supernodes online: 376
Required: 3,000,000 XEM
Price: $114,943.98
ROI (annual): 5.47%
Monthly income: $524.43
Capitalization: $43,772,111
Znodes online: 5713
Required: 1000 XZC
Price: $4694.88
ROI (annual): 16.41%
Monthly income: $64.22
Capitalization: $41,341,466
Masternodes online: 1289
Required: 10,000 NRG
Price: $16,316.73
ROI (annual): 46.49%
Monthly income: $632.08
Capitalization: $15,308,883
Masternodes online: 1481
Required: 10,000 PIV
Price: $2696.12
ROI (annual): 10.71%
Monthly income: $24.07
Capitalization: $12,398,582
Masternodes online: 1662
Required: 100,000 SYS
Price: $2152.57
ROI (annual): 8.63%
Monthly income: $15.47
Capitalization: $12,329,179
Service Nodes online: 432
Required: 5000 BLOCK
Price: $9523.34
ROI (annual): 18.82%
Monthly income: $149.35
Capitalization: $9,072,573
Masternodes online: 3033
Required: 25,000 WGR
Price: $1225
ROI (annual): 1.97% + 5.96%
Monthly income: $8.1
Capitalization: $8,505,892
Masternodes online: 6234
Required: 1000 POLIS
Price: $905.77
ROI (annual): 46.02%
Monthly income: $34.74
Capitalization: $5,379,869
Masternodes online: 1928
Required: 15,000 XSN
Price: $865
ROI (annual): 16.77%
Monthly income: $12.09
Capitalization: $2,780,237
Ghostnodes online: 273
Required: 40,000 NIX
Price: $2571.6
ROI (annual): 18.96%
Monthly income: $40.63
Capitalization: $1,414,068
Masternodes online: 481
Required: 10,000 PHR
Price: $711.05
ROI (annual): 23.33%
Monthly income: $13.82
Capitalization: $1,196,238
Masternodes online: 975
Required: 10,000 CRW
Price: $499.53
ROI (annual): 17.12%
Monthly income: $7.29
Capitalization: $518,869
Masternodes online: 444
Required: 20,000 ION
Price: $830.25
ROI (annual): 17.23%
Monthly income: $11.92
Capitalization: $356,183
Masternodes online: 1249
Required: 5000 BWK
Price: $119.38
ROI (annual): 44.29%
Monthly income: $4.41
Capitalization: $81,580
Masternodes online: 916
Required: 1000 GIN
Price: $10.17
ROI (annual): 1.07%
Monthly income: $0.01

Allnodes Bot

Get information about your Masternodes in Telegram, Discord, Slack or on the Allnodes Website.

Masternodes Monitoring and Hosting

Host or monitor your nodes easily in the most convenient way. Allnodes allows you to get Masternode rewards directly to your wallet address without providing any sensitive information.

Maximum uptime Stable income

Allnodes offers easy to use service with top notch stability and multilayer safety systems, smooth and painless updates that provides maximum uptime of your nodes.

The power of Staking

Earn a regular income for your crypto investments, similar to receiving interest for the holding money in a bank (Our non-custodial solution without sending coins anywhere) and manage your portfolio via Allnodes. Staking will be available in the near future.

More Features

Same as own VPS price
Pay with Credit Cards, PayPal and Crypto
One minute fast setup

Customers about Allnodes

Very impressed with the Allnodes website & service. Fast & easy to setup a masternode. Updates applied quickly. Intuitive user interface. So far I have 3 MNs there... waiting for more coins to be supported & I will move some more MNs there.
FredDagAllnodes customer
I had my masternode up and running in a matter of minutes with a great assistance from support live chat. Site interface is really intuitive and easy to deal with and also linked to their telegram bot allowing me to receive payout alert and other important infos by hand. Not to mention their service is free until the 1st of March. Congrats to Allnodes team for your awesome job!
hopenotlateAllnodes customer
Based on 36 reviews
11 hours ago
Great price, better service
The easiest way to get a masternode (and the cheapest too). I haven't had to worry about upgrading the software after a new syscoin release. They do everything for me. No downtimes. I recommend it absolutely.
4 days ago
Fast, reliable, great support
4 days ago
Great customer service
A service that just works.
5 days ago
Good support
Good support, keep it goinh

Allnodes news

Jan 01, 2020
Happy Holidays, everyone! May 2020 be a prosperous year for the world of Crypto. Cheers to new beginnings, innovations and discoveries.
Dec 27, 2019
We are happy to announce that Energi is now supported by Allnodes. Launch your Energi Masternodes in a few clicks and enjoy the top-notch service.
Dec 17, 2019
We are happy to announce that Alipay and WeChat Pay are now available as payment options for hosting your nodes on Allnodes.
Dec 15, 2019
We are excited to share that Allnodes has hit the target of 5000 hosted Masternodes! Thank you for bringing us closer to the goal of crypto adoption for the masses. The customer who hosted the lucky Stakenet masternode got a traditional 1 year of free hosting for that node.
Nov 29, 2019
We are proud to announce that Allnodes has hit the target of 4500 hosted Masternodes! Thank you for trusting us with your nodes, every achievement counts. The customer who hosted the lucky Polis masternode got a traditional 1 year of free hosting for that node.
Nov 08, 2019
We are very happy to announce, that Allnodes will participate in BlockShow Asia 2019, which will take place on November 14-15. We are excited to be a part of this awesome event! Please come say hi! Let’s communicate and share ideas!
Oct 26, 2019
Today Allnodes has reached the milestone of 4000 hosted Masternodes! We are very excited about this and can't wait to share all the new cool things in the future. The customer who hosted the lucky zcoinofficial znode got a traditional 1 year of free hosting for that node.
Oct 17, 2019
Thrilling news for NEM Supernode owners! You can now host your Supernodes on Allnodes at a super price of $10/month instead of $20! We want the best for our customers, more awesome things to come!
Sep 08, 2019
We are thrilled to add Crown to the Allnodes list of supported cryptocurrencies! Host or monitor your CRW Masternodes in a few clicks.
Aug 28, 2019
Good news for WGR owners! We know that hosting Wagerr Masternodes is currently not as profitable as it could be. We've decided to help out. From August 1, 2019 till the situation changes for the better, the hosting price will be reduced from $5/month to $2.
Aug 24, 2019
We are happy to share that Phore is now supported by Allnodes! Launch your PHR Masternode in less than a minute and start monitoring your rewards.
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from $2/month
Your coins stay in your wallet
Service requires wallet address only
Same as own VPS price
Pay with Credit Cards, PayPal and Crypto
Maximum uptime of your node
One minute fast setup