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Allnodes is a non-custodial platform for all of your Hosting and Staking needs. You can host Masternodes and Full Nodes as well as Stake coins in a few clicks, monitor the rewards and status of your currency and so much more!
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Bitcoin Full Node
Bitcoin Full Node
Fully managed personal Bitcoin Full Node with RPC + ZMQ connection is available for hosting in 15 cities worldwide. Support the network and decentralization, and we will take care of the rest.HOST FOR $100 $50/MONTHSUPPORT CAMPAIGN
Vote for Allnodes Node on Nebulas
Vote for Allnodes Node on Nebulas
Nebulas Mainnet has come to Allnodes and we have some awesome and unprecedented prizes for you. Vote and Earn Rewards!MORE INFO
Fast. Reliable. Affordable.
Your coins stay in your wallet
Service requires wallet address only

Currencies for Staking

Capitalization: $25,814,795
Total delegated: 2,947,905 PIV
Our node rank: 1 / 116
Delegated to us: 500,582 PIV

Minimum stake: 1 PIV
PIV price: $0.45
Capitalization: $20,269,382
Total voted: 401,862,497 NAX
Our node rank: 11 / 62
Voted for us: 9,972,771 NAX

Minimum vote: 1000 NAX
NAS price: $0.39


Soon in Q3 2020
Soon in Q2 2020
Soon in Q2 2020
Soon in Q2 2020
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Soon in Q2 2020

Supported Currencies for Masternodes Coin
Capitalization: $1,671,797,151
Council Nodes online: 108
Required: 500,000 CRO
Price: $48,427.76
ROI (annual): 14%
Monthly income: $565.06
Capitalization: $747,239,527
Masternodes online: 4637
Required: 1000 DASH
Price: $78,407.31
ROI (annual): 6.22%
Monthly income: $406.4
Capitalization: $425,242,794
Supernodes online: 365
Required: 3,000,000 XEM
Price: $141,747.6
ROI (annual): 5.35%
Monthly income: $632.35
Capitalization: $76,248,444
Masternodes online: 1188
Required: 1000 NRG
Price: $2584.59
ROI (annual): 40.85%
Capitalization: $49,141,630
Znodes online: 6056
Required: 1000 XZC
Price: $4790.11
ROI (annual): 13.75%
Monthly income: $54.89
Capitalization: $25,814,795
Masternodes online: 1516
Required: 10,000 PIV
Price: $4546.37
ROI (annual): 12.69%
Monthly income: $48.09
Capitalization: $17,246,697
Masternodes online: 1526
Required: 100,000 SYS
Price: $2936.59
ROI (annual): 8.78%
Monthly income: $21.5
Capitalization: $9,219,177
Service Nodes online: 120
Required: 5000 BLOCK
Price: $6719.56
Capitalization: $7,578,192
Masternodes online: 7321
Required: 1000 POLIS
Price: $770.78
ROI (annual): 31.06%
Monthly income: $19.95
Capitalization: $5,736,355
Masternodes online: 2837
Required: 25,000 WGR
Price: $752.62
ROI (annual): 2.1% + 2.88%
Monthly income: $3.12
Capitalization: $5,254,246
Masternodes online: 1886
Required: 15,000 XSN
Price: $790.63
ROI (annual): 17.21%
Monthly income: $11.34
Capitalization: $3,947,387
Masternodes online: 521
Required: 10,000 PHR
Price: $1872.92
ROI (annual): 21.48%
Monthly income: $33.52
Capitalization: $3,114,753
Ghostnodes online: 333
Required: 40,000 NIX
Price: $2881.02
ROI (annual): 15.74%
Monthly income: $37.8
Capitalization: $1,545,937
Masternodes online: 936
Required: 10,000 CRW
Price: $622.46
ROI (annual): 17.76%
Monthly income: $9.42
Capitalization: $383,986
Masternodes online: 455
Required: 20,000 ION
Price: $585.68
ROI (annual): 16.75%
Monthly income: $8.17

Allnodes Bot

Get information about your Masternodes in Telegram, Discord, Slack or on the Allnodes Website.

Masternodes Monitoring and Hosting

Host or monitor your nodes easily in the most convenient way. Allnodes allows you to get Masternode rewards directly to your wallet address without providing any sensitive information.

Maximum uptime,Stable income

Allnodes offers easy to use service with top notch stability and multilayer safety systems, smooth and painless updates that provides maximum uptime of your nodes.

The power of Staking

Earn a regular income for your crypto investments, similar to receiving interest for the holding money in a bank (Our non-custodial solution without sending coins anywhere) and manage your portfolio via Allnodes. Staking will be available in the near future.

More Features

Same as own VPS price
We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, WeChat Pay, Alipay and Crypto
One minute fast setup

Customers about Allnodes

I kept hearing it was easy to setup masternodes using Allnodes, but I underestimated the process. I'm talking about less than five minutes each! Now I don't have to worry about keeping my PC up and operating. Not one node has gone down. Can't beat the price either!
Much ShroomsAllnodes customer
48 days since I moved my first MN over to Allnodes. 48 wonderfully trouble free days. Kudos to the team!
joeclayAllnodes customer

Allnodes news

May 29, 2020
Catch the excitement, everyone! Allnodes earned the NUMBER 1 spot for the Best Masternode Hosting Provider in 2020. Thank you for your votes, community! We will continue to deliver the 5-star quality that you deserve!
May 13, 2020
We are thrilled to share that the Bitcoin Full Nodes are now supported by Allnodes, with 15 cities worldwide.
Apr 19, 2020
We are delighted to announce that Allnodes has reached the target of 6000 hosted Masternodes! This wouldn’t be possible without your support. The customer who hosted the lucky Wagerr masternode got a traditional 1 year of free hosting for that node.
Apr 18, 2020
Today we are concluding our Allnodes Cup. With a total of 312,608 PIVX staked, everyone had an equal chance to win. The winners received their rewards. We want to thank everyone for participating and, hopefully, you enjoyed the competition as much as we did. Until next one
Apr 06, 2020
Great news! Allnodes is now the Nebulas mainnet Node Operator! We will share the NAS earnings from the network validation. Please vote for our node and receive rewards!
Mar 15, 2020
Very exciting update! We’ve launched Nebulas Bot for Nebulas team and now users can check all the Nebulas info like market conditions, current price and even receive tweets from their official Twitter.
Mar 12, 2020
The first-ever Crypto Cup is HERE! Powered by Allnodes – a leading Masternode, Full node, and Staking platform, the cup debuts on PIVX blockchain with Cold Staking and offers all participants equal chances for winning huge rewards.
Mar 10, 2020
Following 6 months of testing, we are happy to share the very exciting news. You can now host your nodes on Allnodes with budget-friendly prices! Check out our new Basic plan in the "Pricing" section of the website.
Feb 28, 2020
We are happy to announce that the highly anticipated Symbol full node also known as Catapult platform from NEM is now supported by Allnodes. Enjoy the hassle free hosting for $10/month.
Feb 13, 2020
We are happy to announce that Allnodes has hit the target of 5500 hosted Masternodes! Kudos to our team and clients for making this possible. The customer who hosted the lucky Syscoin masternode got a traditional 1 year of free hosting for that node.
Jan 31, 2020
Fantastic news! In just over a year, Allnodes is officially the preferred Masternode hosting service, capturing 10% of the masternodes market by $-volume! It's a remarkable achievement. So proud of our team and clients for making it happen. The best just got better!
Your coins stay in your wallet
Service requires wallet address only
Same as own VPS price
Maximum uptime of your node
One minute fast setup
We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, WeChat Pay, Alipay and Crypto