What is Zcoin?
Zcoin, also known as XZC or Zerocoin, is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency that focuses on achieving privacy and anonymity for its users while transacting. To achieve this privacy and anonymity, Zcoin uses zero-knowledge proofs via Zerocoin protocol which was originally intended to be an extension of Bitcoin. It allows you to send coins with no transaction history.

How to add my existing Masternode (Znode)?
If you want to track your already existing Masternode, which held on any other server, you just need to set its wallet address (public key) in your account on AllNodes.

How to create and set Zcoin wallet?

  • Download and install the wallet from the official website: https://zcoin.io/get-zcoin/
  • Open your Zcoin wallet and go to “Receive” tab

  • Set any label in the text field (ex. Masternode 1) and amount 1 000 XZC
  • Click on “Request payment”

  • On the next window click “Copy Address”

  • Go to “Send” tab and send exactly 1 000 XZC to your just created address

How to create new Zcoin Masternode (Znode)?

  1. After confirmation of transaction in blockchain you just need to go to your account on AllNodes, click the “Launch Masternode” button, set the wallet address (public key), where you have 1 000 XZC and the system will be able to recognize your transaction. If the system can’t recognize your transaction it may happens, because you still don’t get confirmation in blockchain. Usually it takes a few minutes, so you just need to wait for some time.

    IMPORTANT: 1 000 XZC have to be sent as only one transaction. It doesn’t work if you send a few transactions of some amount of XZC which are 1 000 XZC in total. The amount of money, which is more than 1 000 XZC is not acceptable as well. Transaction have to be exactly 1 000 XZC.

  2. After setting the wallet address in your AllNodes account you will see the special configuration string for your znode.conf file. You can find this file in wallet’s root directory and open it with any basic text editor. This file may already contain # as the first item in the line. These lines are comments and can be left in the file. In the empty line below you have to paste special configuration string, which you got from AllNodes.

  3. Then you need to save the znode.conf file, restart your Zcoin wallet and wait for complete synchronization with the network. After that go to Znodes tab and on the "My Znodes" sub tab choose “Start alias” option. That’s all, your Masternode is ready. You will see all the information about it on AllNodes in about 1 hour.

How to host Znode from Hardware wallet?
If you want to run your Znode from hardware wallet: Trezor or Ledger Nano S, you should use an additional software - Znode Tool. You can always download the latest version of the tool from the official developer:
Please note it’s the third-party tool, which is not affiliated with Zcoin Core or AllNodes.

After setting the wallet address in your AllNodes account you will see the instructions for the next steps for QT wallet. And for hardware wallet instructions you just need to switch the tab.

How much will I earn?
The average revenue from each Zcoin Masternode (Znode) is about 13 XZC/month. Payments for Znode are usually expected every 15-25 days on your wallet address.

How much does it cost?
All the AllNodes services are completely free till the end of the Open Beta and $5/month after that as a promo until you cancel your Masternode. You can always find the current cost of the services on the Pricing page.